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Task Force Poseidon is a 501 (c)(3) charity that trains, resources and equips our Military Veterans and family members for SCUBA diving and spearfishing.

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Those in our Armed Forces and especially our Special Forces community, have always strived to challenge themselves to train, equip, and continue the never-ending struggle of personal growth and to overcome personal challenges. They seek adventure and to explore and learn through physical interaction and push themselves for further personal growth, and this doesn’t stop after being wounded, no matter the severity of the injury.



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From Our Blog

I am positioned on the starboard gunwale near the stern of the AQUANAUT- a historical vessel that has been running dive trips in Destin for many years, and is the ideal dive platform. It is hot and humid, but cruising at roughly ten knots with the gulf breeze lightly blowing from the North and less than one foot seas is rather comfortable. After departing the docks, maneuvering through the harbor, making the turn around Norriego Point, and traveling through the Pass, we are now on the open water in the Gulf of Mexico. A few dolphins are breeching and soaring over the wake behind the boat. I look over my left shoulder down into the water, and there is a dolphin right below me somehow keeping the same exact pace as the boat. It rolls on it's side, and I can clearly see that it is staring into my eyes.

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Allison W.

June 21, 2019

I put my bag of dive gear on my “donate” pile back in April as I was packing up my house. I had a fresh DD214 in my hand and I needed to make a clean break from Fort Bragg.  That’s the story I told myself over and over as…

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Keith W.

June 21, 2019

For over 20 years I have wanted to learn scuba diving, but things always seemed to stop that. Like being way overweight, my disabilities, and my wife’s fear of water and boats due to childhood trauma. Life happens, but I finally realized you need to pursue what you want. I…

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Aurora W.

June 21, 2019

As husband and wife of almost 20 years, we have found that where one of us is weak, the other is strong. Our fears and perceived inability to do things have created limits on many possible intriguing events. My fears have held back what my husband has wanted to do…

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Contact us if you like to feel the freedom of scuba diving. We proudly serve veterans throughout Destin Florida and the surrounding areas.

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