Keith W.

For over 20 years I have wanted to learn scuba diving, but things always seemed to stop that. Like being way overweight, my disabilities, and my wife’s fear of water and boats due to childhood trauma. Life happens, but I finally realized you need to pursue what you want.

I found Task Force Poseidon and talked with the Director Mr. Hayes and he answered every question I had and more. With his help, I realized my disability didn’t need to stop me from experiencing the underwater world and that, in fact, it could help with a lot of issues if I would just go and try it. Next thing I know my wife and I are off to Destin, Florida!

We met up with divemasters Jason and Anna at Emerald Coast Scuba in Destin, Florida. We felt like family immediately. With a good size group, we all received individual attention to ensure all instructions was mastered. They’re the best instructors one could ask for, their patience and their communication ability was unparalleled. Plus we got to geek out some with the ability to see and dive off the Aquanaut (the boat in the original Jaws II movie) and that just added to a great trip.

After the in-pool sessions, it was time to go to the open water. I was a bit nervous, but with Jason, Anna, and the other crew members my nervousness faded fast. I got in the water and everything seemed to disappear. The pain was in the past, anxiety seemed to disappear as well as any other issue I have. It was a feeling of weightlessness and the aquatic life was all that mattered, and it was very calming.

The pain and things stayed away for a bit after the dive and the camaraderie among fellow divers is great.

Now I am excited to continue my education in the underwater world. I am in hopes to see and take some more classes with Emerald Coast Scuba. I plan on a lot of underwater adventures, my new treatment plan.

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